Success for the Celebration of the hatchery of Piantonetto

On 06 August the hatchery of Ghiglieri into the valley of Piantonetto opened its doors to allow residents and visitors to understand how the structure work and which are the objectives of the project LIFE + BIOAQUAE.

Throughout the beautiful sunny day, many visitors of all ages arrive to the hatchery doors and, thanks to the presence of the park staff, researchers BIOAQUAE and a guide, were able to discover the secrets of the reproduction of the marble trout and actions taken for its protection. Here you can find an illustrated brochure that explains the hatchery operation and the entire conservation project.

During the afternoon, the visitors were also able to witness the release of some young marble trout that were seeded in the clear and safe waters of Valsoera stream where they will spend the rest of their lives away from the dangers that threaten the conservation of the species.

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