A new didactic path in the Roc valley

The conservation actions for the marble trout included the search for reproductively active specimens, which were captured in the wild and then released to obtain eggs for the Piantonetto incubator. During the search for suitable specimens, the scientific service researchers and the surveillance personnel of the Park discovered a site of the utmost importance for the marble trout: the Vallone del Roc. This is where they found "pure" specimens of marble trout, i.e., fish with no signs of cross-breeding with the brown trout, which is one of the most severe threats to the conservation of the species. Next spring, a trail through this area of the Park will be fitted out with panels illustrating the problems addressed and the initiatives undertaken for the conservation of this species of salmonids.

Click here to download the panels arranged along the Roc trait  or to look for others panels 

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