January 2016

Data processing, analyses and laboratory activities were performed according to plan. The analyses of the zooplankton samples collected in 2015 from the lakes included in the fish eradication program (16 samples) were completed, while the analyses of samples taken from control lakes are still underway. Stomach content samples coming from the lakes included in the eradication program were processed.

An article entitled “Fishing for conservation: involvement of recreational anglers in the eradication of alien brook trout from alpine lakes” by Rocco Tiberti, Michele Ottino, Stefano Brighenti, Rocco Iacobuzio, Matteo Rolla, Achaz von Hardenberg and Bruno Bassano has been submitted to the ISI - International Journal of Aquatic Conservation and is currently under review. An article on the distribution of the brook trout in the lakes undergoing the eradication activities is in preparation.

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