Progress report of Phytodepuration action

The construction of the phytodepuration systems and accessory works was completed in mid September. In particular:

For the Nivolet:

  • A new slope stabilisation structure was constructed along the trail
  • 4 draining trenches were excavated
  • Pipes were laid and connected to the phytodepuration bed
  • A fence was set up around the phytodepuration bed (made of provisional structures so as to avoid possible winter damages)

For Pian delle Muande:

  • A  phytodepuration bed was set up
  • The new Pontese Imhoff septic tank has been constructed and connected to the system

The monitoring programs planned for these actions will get underway in the summer of 2016, since the works were completed when the mountain shelters were being closed and the livestock was being moved back to the valleys.


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