Progress report C4, C5 and D3 actions


We completed the collection of from the installation of Pontese refuge. Samples were sent to the ISE-CNR Pallanza laboratory. The collection of the final implant in the Nivolet area will be started and completed as soon as water will be present in the area.  

JULY 2016

First collection of samples from the inlet and outlet of the Pontese shelter system. The samples were sent to the CNR-ISE laboratory in Pallanza.

JUNE 2016

A meeting was held with Dr. Gabriele Tartari from the CNR ecosystem research centre in Pallanza to define the sampling methods and the conservation techniques for the samples.  The reagents and sample bottles were collected.

MAY 2016

Contacts with the CNR ISE centre in Pallanza have been re-established to deliver the samples relating to ex-ante monitoring activities of action C.4 and future ones relating to actions D.3 and D.1. An ad hoc agreement between the ISE centre and the GPNP will be signed shortly. 



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