Course on LIFE+BIOAQUAE projects for naturalistic guide

On April 28 there will be an education course focused on motivations and modality of the LIFE+BIOAQUAE project, oriented towards the numerous naturalistic guides working within the Gran Paradiso National Park.

Lectures will be:Dr. Beniamino Barenghi (BluProgetti), Dr. Andrea Casoni (Graie) and Dr. Rocco Tiberti (LIFE+BIOAQUAE).

In Spain to present the LIFE+BIOAQUAE project

At the beginning of April there will be a conference about the LIFE+BIOAQUAE project in the scientific faculty of the University of Granada, in the South of Spain, mainly focused on the eradication of the brook trout from the alpine lakes of the Gran Paradiso National Park. To make known the different actions and the main issues of the project is one of the objectives of the LIFE+BIOAQUAE.

The lecturer will be Rocco Tiberti, one of the collaborator of the project

Here the flier



Tourists meet BIOAQUAE

It may seem unusual to take a three-hour walk along a steep ascending path going to an alpine lake selected as your hiking destination point and find three young people wearing yellow bibs and seemingly shouting meaningless words at one another…


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