Progress report of the quality of high altitude aquatic enviroment

Work in progress and work completed as at 15/03/2015

• Design of the interventions and the bio-pedo-depuration systems: following the surveys carried out in the summer of 2013, two projects were drawn up, one for the Nivolet area and one for the Pontese refuge. The construction drawings have been approved and all the necessary authorisations and environmental impact assessment certificates have been obtained;

• The red tape procedures that will lead to the issuing of a call for tenders for these works are underway. Work will start in June-July 2015, as soon as ground and weather conditions permit it;

• Environmental monitoring. The monitoring of water bodies for the assessment of conditions prior to the interventions has been concluded.  The lower Nivolet lake is included in the ordinary monitoring processes carried out every year to assess the chemical-physical and biological quality of the water. In the area of the Pontese refuge, samples were collected from the Telecom lake waters in the course of the summer of 2014.


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