A visit to the Park to get to learn about the LIFE+BIOAQUAE project!

Federica Defilippi, nature guide who attended training and refresher courses on the LIFE+BIOAQUAE project, led one of the excursions to the intervention sites organised last summer and open to all visitors to the Gran Paradiso National Park who wanted to learn about these important conservation initiatives. In this article, she kindly tells us about the visit…

Hi Federica, when did you accompany the group to the Park to learn about the LIFE+BIOAQUAE project?

The first guided excursion to the LIFE+BIOAQUAE intervention sites, organised within the framework of the “Walking in the Clouds” program and called “THE WATERS OF PARADISE”, took place on Sunday July 13. The itinerary unfolded along the paths that from the Nivolet plateau reach the Rosset Lake through the mountain pastures above the Savoy Shelter.

What did you talk about during your visit to this splendid natural environment?

The main theme was the LIFE+BIOAQUAE project: so I spoke about the eradication of the brook trout and the actions undertaken to improve the quality of high-altitude aquatic environments. Special attention was devoted to the measures adopted to improve the quality of waste waters in the alpine pastures visited and the area of the lower Nivolet lake.


How many people participated in the excursion and what seemed to be most interesting to them?

We had 47 participants, aged 10 to 50. The topics that seemed most interesting to young people were those regarding the delicate equilibrium of lake ecosystems, with a special focus on the impact of the brook trout on macroinvertebrates and the common frog (Rana temporaria). Adults were particularly interested in the techniques used to eradicate the brook trout and phytodepuration methods. They asked about the types of plants used to treat the water.

A day rich with valuable information for all...

Yes, and at the end of the visit, on the banks of the Rosset Lake, while we were talking about the two main species of salmonids living in the Park, I had a chance to mention the conservation program undertaken for the protection of the marble trout along the torrents of Piantonetto, Campiglia and Forzo - the third action of the LIFE+BIOAQUAE project.

Thank you Federica, and bye bye till next time!

(In the photo: a moment in the excursion to the Nivolet plateau guided by Cinzia Garino on 17 August)

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