What does a frog eats?

How can an animal like the common frog (Rana temporaria), with no feathers and no fur, survive in the mountains the year round? While it is not surprising to see frogs hopping around an alpine lake on a warm summer day, how can they get through the winter?

Like many alpine animals, the Rana temporaria spends the winter hibernating, at extremely low metabolic rates. But the cold winter months are long and notwithstanding its minimal energy requirements during its deep sleep, the frog must store plenty of food and energy in the summer. This is the reason why, after a brief visit to the aquatic environment immediately after thawing for their reproductive period, during the rest of the summer frogs spend a lot of their time eating. To this end, they move to their “foraging quarters” (normally prairies and pastures, but also rocky screes and shrubby or woody areas), where they eat virtually everything they come across. In a recent paper presented at the 10th Conference of the Italian Herpetology Society, the researchers of the Park demonstrated that frogs are not picky eaters…  If you are curious, take a look at the poster and download it here

6 March 2015

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