Outreach actions of LIFE+BIOAQUAE

The LIFE+BIOAQUAE project provides for a number of communication activities targeting a diversified audience: visitors, the local community, people interested in the issues addressed, schools, children, families, as well as experts in this field. 

Excursions to the intervention sites: escorted activities are proposed every summer, in collaboration with the tourist service of the Gran Paradiso National Park, with guides specially trained in the LIFE+ BIOAQUAE project to take you to the intervention sites along the mountain paths and tell you about all the secrets of the aquatic eco-systems and the actions carried out under the project. All guided activities are free and include both long excursions and short walks.

Activities for children: recreational-practical activities to do with the aquatic habitats are organised every summer for children aged 10 to 16 years. These activities are conducted by Nature Guides specifically trained in the LIFE+BIOAQUAE project and take place in peaceful locations next to the water, enabling the young excursionists to have fun and at the same time learn about the aquatic ecosystems: how they work and who lives there.

Evening events: every year, evening events are held on the valley floor for an audience comprised of visitors and locals:  images of the work done by researchers and park rangers at high altitude are shown, and the progress of the project is described. These meetings are generally scheduled to take place the night before an excursion to an intervention site, to illustrate in advance the issues addressed and the activities that will be seen in the field the following day.

Scientific seminars: LIFE+BIOAQUAE is a conservation project of great scientific significance. Besides implementing practical initiatives for the protection of the environment, documents are produced within the framework of the project, i.e., scientific articles, theses, technical reports. The results of the actions are presented during technical-scientific seminars open to university and research centre staff members and students. The presentations and the articles can be downloaded from the website, section ___ . Thematic routes: four pathways have been set up within the GP National Park, with illustrated panels arranged along beautiful trails where you can discover the secrets of the aquatic ecosystems and learn about the actions necessary for their preservation. The trails are: on the royal road that goes to Orvieille, along the plain of Nivolet (starting from Pont Valsavarenche), and along the Forzo and Campiglia torrents. The panels will be installed along the edges of the trails in spring 2015 and will soon become available for downloading from the website in Italian and English.

Photos exposition: from the summer of 2014 and until the end of the project, “Slices of Sky” - a photographic show on high-altitude aquatic ecosystems with a special section on the LIFE+BIOAQUAE project, set up in public places in the different valleys of the Park - will display evocative images of the environment and the inhabitants of high-altitude lakes of the Park. A special section of the website with information about the whereabouts of the photographic show will be activated presently!

During the first season of the project, in 2013, brochures describing the project were produced: one of them of a general nature, with a map of the Park showing the sites of intervention and a brief presentation of the actions envisaged. Specific leaflets were also issued for each action, explaining the working methods and the objectives to be attained. All the documents are available at the visitors centres of the Park and can be downloaded from the download section.

Visit our website www.bioacquae.eu or follow Life+BIOAQUAE on Facebook and twitter @bioaquae to keep posted about news and events connected with the project. From the website you can download information and scientific material produced in connection with the project. All the information concerning communication initiatives, the program of the events and guided excursions can be found at the visitors centre of the Gran Paradiso National Park, or on the website www.pngp.it.

Collaborate with us: if you want to collaborate to the LIFE+BIOAQUAE project for a university degree thesis or an internship, write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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