February 2016

The development of juvenile trouts is monitored on a daily basis by the surveillance staff and Dr. Iacobuzio.  Technicians from the Park of Ticino visited the incubator as provided for by the agreement entered into with the Organisation. Based on the collaboration agreement stipulated with the Metropolitan City of Turin and the Low Orco Valley Fishermen’s Association, about 2100 fry with their yolk sacs fully absorbed were sold to the aforementioned Organisation that had supplied the spawners.  Timber planks were purchased and moved to the site for the construction of a provisional barrier across the Valsoera torrent that will prevent the upstream area of the watercourse from being recolonised by the brown trout, and will also ensure greater genetic isolation to the marble trouts introduced. Electrofishing activities in the Campiglia and Valsoera torrents were carried on.


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