Progess report C3 and D2 actions


The growth of the trout in the hatchery is followed every day by researcher and Guardian of the Park. 200 trouts were released in Valsoera stream.


JULY 2016

The growth of juveniles in the nursery was monitored daily while waiting for the trouts to be 10-12 cm long before transplanting them. 

JUNE 2016

The growth of juvenile trout in the nursery was monitored on a daily basis waiting for the fish to be 10-12 cm long before transferring them. The University of Ljubljana was officially entrusted with the genetic analyses. It was decided to purchase a new electric stunning device, since one of the stuns in use had been damaged irreversibly.


MAY 2016

The trouts in the nursery are growing and are monitored continuously, the tanks are cleaned and Artemia salina is produced to feed them.


APRIL 2016

The growth of the trout juveniles is followed daily by surveillance personnel and by Dr. Iacobuzio. The provisional barrier in Rio Valsoera was removed. The transfers of juveniles into the Campiglia and Valsoera torrents came to an end, the quantities envisaged having been reached. 

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