Phytopurification interventions to improve the quality of the water in lake Nivolet Superiore and Telessio will be examined through campaigns to measure the main chemico-physical and bacteriological parameters to assess the purification efficiency of the system downstream from the Pontese Refuge.

In particular, during year three and four, fortnightly monitoring campaigns are hypothesised for the three maximum-load summer months in two sampling points – at the entrance and at the exit of the purification system. 24 checks are planned in total.

The parameters to measure are: BOD5, COD, Nitrates, Nitrites, Ammonia, total Phosphorous, Orthophosphate Phosphorous, pH, Specific electrical conductivity and Temperature. In addition, to assess the variation in the state of the lake, monthly campaigns using a multiparameter probe will be carried out during the months when the lake is accessible. The Dissolved oxygen, Temperature, Specific electrical conductivity and pH parameters will be measured every metre on the water column.

During the first monitoring campaign after thawing and at the end of the summer season, water samples will also be taken at the surface and near the deepest area so that Total Phosphorous, Orthophosphate Phosphorous, Nitrates, Nitrites, Ammonia and Chlorophyll-a concentrations can be measured. 4 campaigns over 2 years are hypothesised, which will continue in the 5 years after the project has ended.

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